Ezri started modeling when she was 18 years old, along with dancing. Introspection and self-discovery is her strength through reading, exploring nature and with travel. Someday, she hopes to see the Aurora Borealis in Iceland. Feeling the heartbeat of strong reggae music combined with spicy Thai food inspires the genuine smile and authentic nature of her personality.

I really didn’t know much about Ezri personally, and not sure how I found her on IG to book her for a gig. Regardless, she showed up on time and was super hot already without any makeup prep.  Immediately I connected with her great energy, and it turns out probably because we are both Cancers.  Her poses and input were great, but she was also very respectful of my list of shots I wanted to accomplish.  Believe it or not this is not always the case.  I buy 99% of all the outfits for the models including accessories like sunglasses and jewelry but, Ezri brought a few outfits that were awesome!

After a really great shoot in Tulum, I was not sure what I wanted to do for one night in Cancun before flying back to Vegas, but I texted Ezri and asked if she would be willing to drive to Cancun for one more shoot.  She said YES!  So glad she did because between the 3000+ shots I captured from both shoots I was able to produce two different bikini calendars and one 2022 calendar just with her fyre images!  Bella!


    Vlada hails originally from the Ukraine as a youth and then moved to Poland to attend University. Inspired with an adventurous spirit, Vlada packed her bags and headed to New York City and started building an elite clientele in fitness consulting. The west coast and Los Angeles beckoned her for bit, accumulating more dedicated clients and eventually ending up in Las Vegas. With almost 10 years of professional modeling experience and combined with her work ethic as an entrepreneur, and her commitment to fitness, Vlada offers up a complete package for any photographer.

    As I slightly tweak my photography focus to fashion (vs. art nude, etc), Vlada was the PERFECT model to work with as I have built an inventory of fashion apparel and accessories.  I had scouted this unique location of temporary concrete storm tunnels and we went to work!  Vlada has a great attitude about everything but really her physique and unlimited expressions made it a real pleasure as a photographer to work with her!

    Stevie Raquel

      Stevie Raquel is an internationally published model and actress. Her creative DNA was spawned from her Mother’s career in part working as Donna Karan’s makeup artist for over 15 years in New York City. Stevie is never short on enthusiasm for anything creative and tackles each gig fearlessly.  She has the physique of a pin-up girl but her dimensions of dark & creepy to all things light & dreamy are only limited to the creative team engaging her splendiferous energies.

      Stevie was the first of three models I hired for various fashion-centric shoots at a rented studio around Brooklyn.  I loved her responsive engagements prior to the shoot and the shoot itself was only limited by a teeny two-hour time slot.  Tons of fun but the images that were produced will really help extend my Models Adora brand.  Thanks Stevie!


        My name is Destiny and I’m 5’6 and naturally curvy. I know how to rock the lens and work very well with the body I have. I have walked in fashion shows, shot with swimsuit designers, and have been been published in Realm Magazine. I feel my diverse look & positive attitude help me create great photos & I’m looking forward to connecting with like minded artists from around the world.

        First-time shoots can always be a little stressful for both the model and me as the photographer.  What really helps is good communication via email/text ahead of the shoot so both participants can start feeling the vibe.  From my very first interaction with Destiny on Model Mayhem, she exudes a professional maturity beyond her youthful age.  Once we started shooting in my pop-up garage, the collaborative energy happened quickly and I would consider this one of my top 5 shoots.  I love her skin tone, smile and eyes and when it was appropriate, Destiny un-bottled her sensuality and that overflowed in front of the camera.  Super hot and super fun!


          As I was taking care of business in Dubrovnik, I met Melisa while she worked the breakfast room at the hotel I was staying.  I was returning from shooting some sunrise drone footage and had my still camera, and I was taking photos of the delicious food.  Melisa indicated that she had an interest in photography, and we exchanged IG accounts and connected.  She had mentioned she had modeled before, so I sent her a DM and asked if she wanted to do a shoot.  Luckily for me, she was down for doing a shoot and as they say in show business, the rest is history.

          Melisa has such a gracious attitude, beautiful eyes and smile and an absolute knack for fashion.  She has no idea what my capabilities were as a photographer, but she showed up with her friend in a great outfit.  I consider us friends for life now!  I can hardly wait to return to Cro and do another shoot with her!


            I am a part of art. As a fashion and art model based in Czechia, my job is to express myself creatively and visually. Thankfully, I have more than 8 years of my life invested in mastering my craft! I started my first modelling experience at the age of 23, and over the years my business, vision, and life has changed and getting better every day.

            Through the years I have worked with 1000’s of photographers of any experience and level, clients, endless creative collaborators, and helped my photographers to reach their visual goals by my posing — whether an elegant fine art nude, high fashion or just a classical portrait.

            I have worked with clients ranging from Dm Drogerie Markt GmbH (Austria), Atlas GmbH (Germany), Stefanel (Czechia), Schwarzkopf (Turkey), Framesi (Croatia), Moto GP – Ducati (Italy), Andreas Bitesnich (Austria) and dozens more. I had appeared in magazines Vogue.it (online), Chicstyle (cover/Italy), Dark Beauty Magazine, The Nude Magazine, Cole, MDLS, Foto Video (cover/Czechia), Ceskoslovenska Fotografie (Czechia), The Guardian, Inspades Magazine, Fotocult, Dodho, Seduire, Graphis, Ion-Magazine, Fitness News (Austria), The Book (Czechia), Fuse Magazine … Photographs with me have appeared on dozens of exhibitions around the world a cannot forgot also many photographs which won awards in international photographic competitions. I was also honored to be a model at many workshops and model events with amazing master photographers and organizers around the world.

            I was grateful,  and forever I will be grateful for this opportunity in the world of freelance modeling.

            I honestly would have to say it was a privilege to work with Denisa!  I admitted to her when I picked her from the airport, her level of artistic expression probably exceeds my abilities, but she did all the heavy lifting creatively.  A very sweet person, great on the communications and open to all creative concepts.  Thanks Denisa!


              My name is Eboni, and I live on the beautiful island of Barbados with my mom, older sister and my twin brother. From a young age, I have always been interested in the fashion industry. I’ve been modeling for 7 years now, I started at 13 years old. I like to think of myself as a professional model trying to expand her brand. To describe myself with just three words, I would say I’m optimistic, a hustler and a dark beauty which I pray I will get to showcase to the world pretty soon. Besides modeling, I love to write short stories, also as a person who is really into fashion, I don’t only want to wear and model the fashion, I want to create as well. I don’t know where or a specific time, but this Big Dream of mine will become a reality, with dedication, believing in myself and hard work, I’m almost there. Grace of God.

              Working with Eboni on my 1st full day in Barbados was a perfect experience.  I had two other shoots with models at the same location during the day but, I had hoped the weather would cooperate, and my goal was to shoot a classic beach sunset with a beautiful model.  THAT HAPPENED!  Eboni is so sweet, but immediately it was apparent she has been classically trained as a model based on her expressions and body postures once we got shooting.  I am a BIG FAN of Afros, and Eboni’s Afro was gorgeous!  Beautiful brown skin, super professional and a really sweet person.  I wish her tons of luck and good fortune in her budding career in fashion!


                Lily is a 1/2 Taiwanese model that basecamps around Bullhead City AZ. Lily rawks  the Colorado River every day for a swim, or when it’s cold, to simply enjoy the bringer-of-life…. water. Born in tiny Moab Utah, she likes small town life and moved to BHC as a child where she’s been ever since.  “No river, no life.”

                Her unmistakably Asian appearance is decorated with hair full of natural red highlights and the kind of freckles many modern women turn to makeup for. This is all thanks to her half Caucasian genetics. She has a strong lower body and a full chest, but is overall quite thin.

                Lily loves animals and cares for many pets (7 guinea pigs, 4 cats, 3 rats, and a dog). Many of these pets are rescues or were feral at some point. She has been taking in stray animals since a youth. Though just beginning, her modeling career has the potential to thrive as she is genuinely interested in learning from those involved in fashion and is often complimented on her attitude, cooperation, and overall humility.

                Finding and working with new models can be difficult to screen and determine if availability, experience and attitude match the Models Adora brand.  As I was returning from Mexico to Las Vegas, I connected with Lily on Model Mayhem and we setup a shoot.  Super fun chica, her husband RJ was a great asset to the shoot – we laughed and also got a ton of great images from the first shoot.  I wish her great success!  She has a rawkin’ bod and great look for modeling, but mostly she just has a great attitude. – Robert


                  Alexia is a Greek-American social media star and model. Born in Orlando and growing up in Las Vegas, Alexia found stardom in the early days of the internet as an “emo girl” and has successfully competed in beauty pageants from age 5.

                  Once again, I was not disappointed working with a super-professional and creative model in Alexia.  She was up for all my wardrobe changes, offering great recommendations for the desired creative result.  It was a great collaboration!


                    Hello my name is Zoe , and I have been modeling for 5 years now. I started out doing photoshoots in my hometown where I was meeting with different photographers and doing different styles of modeling. I’m from Hawaii so I started out doing Bikini modeling, I’m very comfortable with my body, and I want to encourage body positivity. I enjoy Lux Lifestyle and Fitness shoots since health is very important to me and I want to inspire people to live an active lifestyle. I grew up taking ballet, modern, & contemporary dance classes. Dancing was a huge part of my life so I like to incorporate dance into my modeling.

                    This past year as I have worked with and probably shot over 20 models, Zoe ranks in my top 3 fav model/artists to work with as her energy exudes creativity in the shoot.  Highly professional, creative and a ton o’ fun to work with!

                    Goddess Chey

                      My name is Chey Alexandria, I’m an international traveling freelance model whom does figure, fashion and art posing. I am based in USA. I absolutely love what I do. My passion is creating images that capture the human spirit. My portfolio ranges from tasteful nudes to socially conscious. I’m so grateful for opportunity to create art in community with photographers, makeup artists, stylist, etc. around the world! Let me know if you’d like me to travel to your city & I am available for international travel! I look forward to collaborating with you!!

                      OMG! So, you know when you try a new food or hear a song for the first time and it blows you away and you tell all your friends and they look at you and say “DUH” like they have known this for years??? Well, that is what it was like for me shooting with Chey the first time…Super punctual and immediately her beautiful eyes, smile and hair transcend you to a hyper-creative space.

                      Bella Aurora

                        I’m from Milan (Italy). I love fashion, modeling and acting since I was a kid and I started my career at 16 years old in Italy. I moved to the United States in 2019 and I am currently living in Las Vegas. My experience as a model/actress was mostly in Milan but also in Sardinia. Ever since I moved to Las Vegas I have worked with many photographers and productions. In every experience I look forward to a fun, professional environment to learn and grow!

                        Aurora answered my Craigslist ad for a professional model mostly needed to experiment with a new battery operated light strobe.  With Craigslist, you really have no idea what to expect but Aurora brought her major A-game and I ended up with so many more images than I had expected.  Another thing I wanted to experiment with was a toy bubble kit I purchased on Amazon and her husband graciously provided the assistant efforts and delivered GREAT BUBBLES!  He is now officially Bubble-Boy for HIRE!  Hells Yea!

                        Nick P.

                        Nick aka Steady P is one of my first friends I connected with moving to Las Vegas from Alaska.  Nick was fresh  from NYC with his wife America.  We met playing in a tennis ladder and we had numerous battles for the net advantage.  Nick’s athleticism and competitiveness can probably be traced to his youth growing up in Haiti and then navigating the urban complexities of New York City.

                        As I was trying to setup a pop-up studio in my garage, I solicited Nick to come by for a photoshoot.  Wow, I had no idea his ability in front of the camera.  Besides bringing some great outfits, with our longstanding rapport as friends helps collaborate for a great photoshoot.  Even tho Nick is not working as a full-time model, he would be a perfect fit for the multi-cultural advertising marketing.


                          Originally from Houston, TX, Shell is a full time professional acrobat and former professional ballerina. Her modeling career began as a teen runway and hair model, and is now focused on print work and specialty modeling. She has appeared in advertisements for Nikon, VIP Alliance, Zion Ponderosa Resort, Microsoft, and MJ Christensen Jewelers. Shell’s performance career has taken her to four continents and she is proud to call Las Vegas home.

                          My first time working with Shell.  A fresh look and a great attitude!

                          Samie Sxya

                            Music Artist, Radio host, Actress and Model based in Los Angeles California/ Las Vegas.

                            My first time working with Samie.  Punctual, creative and an absolute glam look!  A great session for sure!

                            Samie Models Adora Magazine Cover

                            Nina Splashh

                              Nina answered my simple ad on Craigslist despite me declaring in the modified ad that all the time slots had been filled. I am so glad she did. A very sweet young woman, non-pretentious and I always appreciate when I am working with a new model when they show some sort of enthusiasm. Navigating dudes and new photographers for models on the internet is really crazy. So, I have mad respect when models such as Nina push through and filter all the morons and show up for my pop-up studio.

                              Nina has that great look of youth and the maturity of a very sensual woman. Her eyes, smile and physique make it easy on the eyes for anyone that appreciates beauty. Thanks Nina!


                                Reyna currently resides in Playa Del Carmen just south of Cancún, Mexico.  She grew up in northern Mexico but with an early start in fashion modeling as a teenager, Reyna has traveled around  the world with commercial modeling contracts to India, Italy, France and the United States.  It was really great working with Reyna and I was immediately drawn to her elegant look with her heritage being mistaken for Persian, Italian, or from Brasil.  But, no, she is a proud latina.  Great poses and looks.


                                  Shooting Helena was a fabulous experience in Cancún, México in November.  Punctual and easy to communicate with in advance to coordinate time, date and location.  I wish my command of the spanish language was as at least 25% as good as her spoken english.  We planned to shoot at the rooptop pool of the hotel I was staying at and within 5 minutes we got our flow on with great results.

                                  Helena is an amazing Latina beauty. Her ranges of beautiful expressions from a sophisticated sex goddess to a playful college girl netted over 2000 photos in a 3 hour session with 300+ easily magazine covers. If you ever watched the movie Like Water For Chocolate, Aurora, exudes the sensual sexuality with love like in the movie. An amazing model and you would be so lucky to work with!

                                  Louise Rosealma

                                    I’ve found that my body, and the character that I emit from it, is one of my most powerful mediums that I possess. Whether it be draped in expression, or be expression in itself, I love creating powerful and beautiful visuals that evoke unique tones and messages.

                                    I’m open minded and full of ideas and input! I look for photographers who have vision and purpose, and have meaningful projects that are created from passionate hearts. A part of my look and integral identity are my dreadlocks, and I highly prefer to not have to remove my piercings, or shave my armpits or legs for shoots unless it’s absolutely necessary. They are a part of me, and so are part of the package. I am an all natural model and take pride in it!

                                    Louise was the consummate creative professional. She did most of the creative heavy lifting…I highly recommend working worth her in any capacity! ~Robert