Vlada hails originally from the Ukraine as a youth and then moved to Poland to attend University. Inspired with an adventurous spirit, Vlada packed her bags and headed to New York City and started building an elite clientele in fitness consulting. The west coast and Los Angeles beckoned her for bit, accumulating more dedicated clients and eventually ending up in Las Vegas. With almost 10 years of professional modeling experience and combined with her work ethic as an entrepreneur, and her commitment to fitness, Vlada offers up a complete package for any photographer.

As I slightly tweak my photography focus to fashion (vs. art nude, etc), Vlada was the PERFECT model to work with as I have built an inventory of fashion apparel and accessories.  I had scouted this unique location of temporary concrete storm tunnels and we went to work!  Vlada has a great attitude about everything but really her physique and unlimited expressions made it a real pleasure as a photographer to work with her!