Stevie Raquel

Stevie Raquel is an internationally published model and actress. Her creative DNA was spawned from her Mother’s career in part working as Donna Karan’s makeup artist for over 15 years in New York City. Stevie is never short on enthusiasm for anything creative and tackles each gig fearlessly.  She has the physique of a pin-up girl but her dimensions of dark & creepy to all things light & dreamy are only limited to the creative team engaging her splendiferous energies.

Stevie was the first of three models I hired for various fashion-centric shoots at a rented studio around Brooklyn.  I loved her responsive engagements prior to the shoot and the shoot itself was only limited by a teeny two-hour time slot.  Tons of fun but the images that were produced will really help extend my Models Adora brand.  Thanks Stevie!