As I was taking care of business in Dubrovnik, I met Melisa while she worked the breakfast room at the hotel I was staying.  I was returning from shooting some sunrise drone footage and had my still camera, and I was taking photos of the delicious food.  Melisa indicated that she had an interest in photography, and we exchanged IG accounts and connected.  She had mentioned she had modeled before, so I sent her a DM and asked if she wanted to do a shoot.  Luckily for me, she was down for doing a shoot and as they say in show business, the rest is history.

Melisa has such a gracious attitude, beautiful eyes and smile and an absolute knack for fashion.  She has no idea what my capabilities were as a photographer, but she showed up with her friend in a great outfit.  I consider us friends for life now!  I can hardly wait to return to Cro and do another shoot with her!