Lily is a 1/2 Taiwanese model that basecamps around Bullhead City AZ. Lily rawks  the Colorado River every day for a swim, or when it’s cold, to simply enjoy the bringer-of-life…. water. Born in tiny Moab Utah, she likes small town life and moved to BHC as a child where she’s been ever since.  “No river, no life.”

Her unmistakably Asian appearance is decorated with hair full of natural red highlights and the kind of freckles many modern women turn to makeup for. This is all thanks to her half Caucasian genetics. She has a strong lower body and a full chest, but is overall quite thin.

Lily loves animals and cares for many pets (7 guinea pigs, 4 cats, 3 rats, and a dog). Many of these pets are rescues or were feral at some point. She has been taking in stray animals since a youth. Though just beginning, her modeling career has the potential to thrive as she is genuinely interested in learning from those involved in fashion and is often complimented on her attitude, cooperation, and overall humility.

Finding and working with new models can be difficult to screen and determine if availability, experience and attitude match the Models Adora brand.  As I was returning from Mexico to Las Vegas, I connected with Lily on Model Mayhem and we setup a shoot.  Super fun chica, her husband RJ was a great asset to the shoot – we laughed and also got a ton of great images from the first shoot.  I wish her great success!  She has a rawkin’ bod and great look for modeling, but mostly she just has a great attitude. – Robert