Louise Rosealma

I’ve found that my body, and the character that I emit from it, is one of my most powerful mediums that I possess. Whether it be draped in expression, or be expression in itself, I love creating powerful and beautiful visuals that evoke unique tones and messages.

I’m open minded and full of ideas and input! I look for photographers who have vision and purpose, and have meaningful projects that are created from passionate hearts. A part of my look and integral identity are my dreadlocks, and I highly prefer to not have to remove my piercings, or shave my armpits or legs for shoots unless it’s absolutely necessary. They are a part of me, and so are part of the package. I am an all natural model and take pride in it!

Louise was the consummate creative professional. She did most of the creative heavy lifting…I highly recommend working worth her in any capacity! ~Robert